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Call us @ (860) 402-1738

Woodchucks are the gardner's worst nightmare and create life-threatening conditions for anyone with horses, cows, and other livestock
In addition to squirrel, skunk and raccoon,
we remove . . .
  • mice & rats
  • snakes
  • chipmunks
  • opossum
  • woodchucks
  • birds & bats
  • moles
  • rabbit & hare
  • dead animals
We remove other nuisance wildlife including fox, beaver, coyote, and flying squirrels

If you don't see it on the list above, call us anyway.

"If it's NOT a dog or cat, it's as good as gone."

24-hour Service

The best fox under your house is a fox that's already been removed from under your house by Newmans

Fully Insured & Licensed

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