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Photo showing structural damage done to home by squirrels in Connecticut

In Connecticut, there are gray squirrels as well as other wildlife. In Connecticut, most squirrels get into homes and become a pest, and removal and control is necessary. They take up residence in your attic, crawl spaces, walls, and eaves. Removal and control of this pest is necessary due to the damage the squirrels can do. In Connecticut, removal and control of the gray squirrel is done to prevent excessive damage to insulation and electrical wiring. The squirrels cause this damage by chewing. There are fires in homes in Connecticut every year due to this pest. Squirrels should be removed as well as any other wildlife in your attic and home.

Gray squirrels are active in Connecticut all seasons of the year, as well as other wildlife.

Gray squirrels in Connecticut have two litters per year: one in early spring and one in July. There are usually two to seven young per litter. Squirrels can nest in your attic or a wall and have their litter there. Removal and control will be necessary as well as any young they may have. To keep the squirrel and any other wildlife out, exclusion work can be done to keep your home pest free.

Squirrel Removal Service

Squirrels are usually captured with Have-a-Heart traps or other by other similarly humane techniques
A captured squirrel is a squirrel that will no longer destroy your house

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