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In Connecituct, shunks like to nest and litter in dark places like under porches and in open buildings like garages, barns, and sheds.  While most prevalent in the rural Connecticut towns like Ellington, Tolland and Windham, nusiance skunks often must be removed from homes and businesses in the more urban Connecticut cities of East Hartford, Manchester and Middletown.
There are many skunks which live in Connecticut. Skunks find ways to live in areas around homes. For example, some of the main areas in which skunks like to live are crawlspaces, under porches, and under sheds.

Like raccoons, skunks can also be a carrier of rabies, which can be transmitted to other animals in the wild or to humans. To prevent the risk of having nuisance skunks living near homes and potentially spreading rabies to animals or people, these pest skunks should be removed by our wildlife control service.

Skunks have their litters between late April and early June with an average litter size of six baby skunks. Even at seven weeks old, young skunks are able to spray. Therefore, skunks can cause problems for home owners and pets alike.

After skunks are removed from the premises, exclusion work should be done to prevent skunks or other nuisance animals from taking up residence.

Skunk Removal Service

We remove wild pest skunks from many Connecticut towns and cities west of the CT river like Farmington,Avon, West Hartford, and Simsbury as well as cities and towns east of the Connecticut River including  Middletown, CT; Salem, CT;  Lebanon, CT; and Franklin, CT

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