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Wild raccoon are a nuisance animals in Connecticut homes and businesses particularly suburban towns like Manchester, East Hartford, Glastonbury, Simsbury, West Hartford CT and  and Avon Connecticut.
Raccoons are commonly found wildlife in Connecticut and can cause many problems for home owners. To prevent these problems, removal and control of nuisance raccoons is necessary. Raccoons can enter a home through attic vents and holes in the eaves. Raccoons gain access to these locations by climbing downspouts, chimneys, overhanging tree limbs, etc. Raccoons also like to use the inside of chimneys for a denning site by climbing in and out of the flue pipe.

Wildlife raccoons are highly susceptible to rabies and other diseases that can be transmitted to both humans and animals. Some of the diseases that raccoons can transmit are: trichinosis, tuberculosis, roundworm, infectious enteritis, and coccidiosis.

Female raccoons have one litter per year, usually born in April or May with an average of four babies in each litter.

After raccoons are removed from the premises, exclusion work should be done to prevent raccoons or other nuisance wildlife from taking up residence.

Racoon Removal Service

Photo showing damage done by raccoons going into attic of house -- they climbed up the chimney on right to access the gable vent.

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